Lights – The good, better & best!

Lights, Lights & More Lights The good, better & best! Lights have been a popular topic of conversation throughout the entire year. Customers asking how to get the best bang for their buck, different lumens, diode patters, flood or spot lights, etc. The Merriam-Webstar dictionary defines lumens as a unit of lumious flux equal to the […]

Winter is coming! Time to park the boats and pull out the snowmobiles!

Service for Storage It’s time to park the boats and pull out the snowmobiles! As the seasons are changing many of you are starting to think about storing equipment that wont be needed for the winter months. Landscape equipment is being stored, so the plow equipment can be prepped. Working hard means playing hard, so […]

NATDA Trailer Show

We recently attended the annual NATDA trailer show in Nashville, TN. We learned about new products, checked out new manufacturing, and generally educated ourselves with everything we can! All segments of the trailer industry are represented, including: cargo, race car, horse, marine, dump, flatbed and toy hauler markets. B-Wise representing well at the Nashville show!