At Elm City Trailer we carry a complete line DuraMag Truck Beds.

If you need a flat bed or tilting flat bed, a service body with compartments, a dump body or a completely custom truck body for your chassis we can deliver. Our dealer partnership with DuraMag makes us a one stop shop for everything from a headache rack to a landscape or van body conversion.

Using state of the art design and construction coupled with MPG friendly aluminum the possibilities are endless but the result is a truck bed or body that is exactly what you need.

Elm City Trailer is a proud Duramag Truck Body Dealer.

The choice for truck bodies at Elm City Trailer is F3 Manufacturing. Made in Maine, their Duramag Series aluminum truck bodies are the standard by which others are judged. Using state of the art manufacturing processes the end result is an aluminum truck body that can compete on price with lower quality and heavier steel bodies.

The added benefits of going with Aluminum are found in better gas mileage, less maintenance, no rust, and a better riding truck.  You can choose from (and customize) service bodies, flatbed bodies, landscape bodies and dump bodies. They even make van and customized bodies to suit your needs.

Duramag website

Call 203-535-0075 for more information.