Need a race trailer to tow your race car to the next track?

At Elm City Trailer we know the difference between a car trailer and a race car trailer. If you are out to tow a car from point A to point B we have you covered with any number of trailer solutions. If, however, your race car is heading to the track its likely going along with a whole host of equipment to keep running.

Are you bringing an extra set of tires (or three), Tool boxes, fuel containers, spare parts, maybe a spare engine? At Elm City Trailer we get it. Because we get it we work with 14 different trailer makers to find you the perfect race car trailer for your needs.

While we maintain a large inventory of trailers we don’t limit our customers choices to just what’s on the lot. If we don’t have a solution for you in-stock we will gladly order you a trailer to meet your needs and if we need to we can have one custom made to your exact requirements.

Maybe its a trailer for autocross, maybe its vintage car racing, oval track or something else. Talk with us and let us know the mission and we will get the right trailer for it. If you want an open trailer for a single car, a stacker trailer for multiple cars or a combination race trailer and workshop or living quarters we can provide it. Call us today to learn more.