Looking for a roll-off trailer to tow and drop dumpsters?

At Elm City trailer we carry roll-off trailers in multiple sizes and weight limits. We work with 14 different trailer makers in the USA to give you as much selection as you need so that we can match you up to the perfect trailer.

Our selection of roll-off trailers for sale come in single axle, double axle and triple axle with both electric and gas powered hydraulics.

For dumpsters and other dump containers we offer tilt-deck models with multiple hoist options. If you need a trailer with a frame built for a goose neck hitch or a traditional bumper tow we can meet your needs.

We can also customize your trailer to work your way so if you need additional lights, retractable covers, a specific choice of brakes or jack stands we can handle it.

As a dealer we work with both you and our manufacturers to make sure you have every possible requirement met. If we don’t have what you need in inventory we can order the perfect trailer with your list of must-haves. If we have to take it a step further we will gladly work with our manufacturers to have a roll-off trailer custom made for you. Call us today to learn more.