Need a tradesmen trailer to tow your tools and supplies?

Not everyone’s tools and supplies fit in the back of a pickup. For the times when you need to bring large tools or lots of them to the job site a tradesmen’s trailer is the answer. At Elm City Trailer we carry trailers made by 14 different American trailer manufacturers. If we don’t have your perfect work trailer for sale and in stock, we are just as happy to order it for you and if that doesn’t completely fit the bill we can have one custom made to your exact requirements.

In single or double axle, with a bumper hitch or goose neck hitch and at virtually any length we can meet your needs. Choose from Aluminum frame or steel, enclosed or open and flat front or V-front. We have no shortage of options. If you need a ramp, a roll up door or double swing-out doors with a side door we can handle it.

Add shelving, lights, roof racks to hold lumber, ladders or metal stock, its all based on what you need to tow in order to work. How about a work bench where you can mount a vise? a power inverter with a generator? You tell us…

Maybe your tradesmen trailer is used for half material storage and half work area? Tell us the weight that you might put in it and we will match that with the right axle count and frame strength.

Sure you could buy a huge box truck but sometimes it makes more sense to match a trailer with a pickup truck for the times when you don’t need everything with you or you want to leave things on site for a few days. Call us today to learn more.