Looking for a dump trailer in Connecticut to haul loose material to a site?

A dump trailer is the ideal solution when you don’t need an expensive dedicated dump truck. At Elm City Trailer we can offer you dozens of options so that you get the exact dump trailer you need.

From light single axle loads to triple axle heavy duty loads we have dump trailers for sale in all different sizes with different hydraulic dump options. We offer single and double hydraulic pistons, driven by either battery or gas-engine powered hydraulic pumps.

As a dealer for 14 different American trailer makers we may have the perfect dump trailer in stock for you, but if your requirements aren’t in our inventory we wont hesitate to order one of your choice, from whichever vendor best meets your needs. If your needs are even more specific we will gladly design one for you with one of our trailer makers and have it custom made to your exact needs.

Dump trailers offer you the flexibility of separating your material load from your vehicle so that material can be loaded into the dump bed much like an on-site dumpster. The trailer can also serve as a stationary material supply container, in both cases your tow vehicle is freed up to do other things.

You may just need to haul something light like mulch or you might be moving stone or scrap steel and require a thicker bed construction. Depending on the weight of the material you need to dump, our trailers can be ordered with bodies in different gauges of steel to meet your needs.

With each trailer we also offer different brake packages, hydraulics, lights, load covers and hitch options. When you tow away your new trailer from us, you will be 100% ready to go to work. Call us today to learn more.