Winter is coming! Time to park the boats and pull out the snowmobiles!

Service for Storage

It’s time to park the boats and pull out the snowmobiles!

As the seasons are changing many of you are starting to think about storing equipment that wont be needed for the winter months. Landscape equipment is being stored, so the plow equipment can be prepped. Working hard means playing hard, so the boats are being tucked in for the winter to make room for the snowmobiles to come out!

I always advise our customers to service everything before they park it for long periods of time. Fix anything that is broken and do a full service on the trailer.  Even though it’s tempting to get lazy and leave the work for a later date. Come spring it will be convenient to just hook up and go, rather than try to remember all the little things that needed to get done 4 months ago.

Here is a short list that we suggest to our customers for winter preparations.

Storage Prep List

  • Remove emergency breakaway battery & inside out of the weather. Charge the battery every 3 months.
  • Jack up the trailer enough so the weight is off of the tires. Follow the manufacturers guidelines to place the jacks in the proper locations, not the on the suspension or axle tube.
  • Lubricate any moving parts, suspension parts & anything exposed to the weather. We recommend fluid film.
  • It is in best interest to service boat trailers whether they are immersed in salt water or fresh water. The tires & brake drums should be removed, cleaned & dried. The bearings & Seals should be cleaned and repacked, and then re assembled. Even if it is not being used it is better to be stored cleaned & recently serviced than not.
  • Oil lube hubs should be rotated every so often while stored. Since the top part of the roller is not full submerged.